Full file name = Contents of column 'name' + 'Ext.' (extension).
Attrib. (Attributes): H = Hidden, S = System, A = Archive, R = Read only, D = Directory.
For Recent, Office recent results automatically orders by 'Modified date' column, otherwise by 'Nr' column.
Hidden or system files / folders are marked with red color symbol: '!'. 
Open file with the default program: double click on cell in column 2 (Name), or press 'Open' button, or use Shell context menu.
Open file with Notepad: select the necessary file in the results grid and click 'Open file with Notepad' button.
Select file in Explorer: double click on cell in column 4 (Folder) or press 'Select' button.

target = 'View target' mode.

Base folder
Defines Folder and/or Drive where to search Files.You can specify base folder by clicking on special folders buttons:
- Desktop    - the software will search the current user's desktop folder and in common desktop folder (all users desktop folder); 
- Docs        - Current user's Documents folder;
- Startm      - Current user's Startmenu folder + All users Startmenu folder;
- IE Fav      - Current user's Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites folder;
- Recent     - Current user's Recent documents folder (in 'View target' and 'Filter by name' mode - see below);
- Office rec - Current user's Microsoft Office Recent folder. Note: This is not special Microsoft Windows folder, that is why the button will be visible only if this directory exists and if the software AlFileSearch will find it.

The software always search for shortcuts only: *.lnk;*.url; 

'View target' mode 
Avaliable for folders: Recent, Office recent, Desktop and Startmenu. 
Standart column 'Folder' is not displayed. Column 'Shortcut target' is displayed, column 'T. Exists' (Target exists) is displayed.
Column 'Size, b' is called 'Target size, b' - and shows the shortcut's target file size. 
Column 'Attr.' (Attributes) is called 'Sh. attr.' and shows the attributes of the shortcut file (not target).
Select shortcut in Recent folder: press button 'Select'.
Select target file in Explorer: double click on cell in column 4 (Shortcut target) or use Shell context menu.
1. Shell context menu is displayed for the shortcut file, not for the target object.
2. If you search in this mode but not only for shortcuts (ex. for: * - all files) - for those - not shortcuts files, columns contents will be:
Shortcut target = <not shotrcut>, T.exists = --, Target size = --, Sh. attr = found file attributes, Sh. modified = found file modify date...
3. Retrieving target path is not avaliable for shortcuts where target editing is not enabled, ex.:
- system shortcuts (ex. Control panel.lnk, ets.)
- shortcuts (*.lnk) (except *.url) where target is an internet placed object (ex. shotcut: myfile.pdf on 

Export results 
Copy to clipboard all grid contents: press button 'Copy to clipboard'. 
Copy to clipboard the text in the selected cell: press Ctrl+C on selected cell(s).