AlFileSearch - file search utility

Al File Search - advanced file search utility which is able to quickly find Files and Folders on your Local or external drives (DVD, CD-ROM, USB Hard or Flash Drives) on your computer running under Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Allows you to quickly set search wildcards for some popular file formats such as image, video, audio, text, MS Word. It is able to sort out Files and Folders according to their properties (e.g. Modified Date). The results window supports Windows Explorer functionality: icons, context menus. Specific actions can be carried out on the results (e.g. Open Folder, Open Containing Folder, Open Target path). You can export search results into clipboard and then paste it in Excel speadsheet. Also AlFileSearch allow you to quickly view Recently accessed documents, images, ets. listswhich is located in special Recent folder. 

This Utility does not use background Indexing and does not use extra space on the Disk. AlFileSearch also available in Portable Version.

Main program window

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  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Allows you to quickly set search wildcards for some popular file formats such as image, video, audio, text, MS Word...
  • Use up to two customizable buttons to set your search string.
  • This Utility does not use background indexing.
  • Search Files or Files and Folders or only Folders.
  • Support to Unicode characters.
  • Search by the text content of the files with preview column (if available; search in encoded text documents (e.g. PDF, DOC,...) is NOT supported).

Search for text within a file with preview column Enlarge... 
  • Filter for Files Newer than or Older than or within a specific Date range.
  • Filter for Files Larger than or Smaller than or within a specific Size range.
  • Search based on the Files Attributes of Files and Match Type selected.
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  • Quickly exclude from search ProgramFiles and Windows directories (If you search in your system drive).
  • Quickly view current user's Recent folder (view recent documets, images, etc.) (in 'View Target' and 'Filter by name' mode (if avaliable)) and IE Cache folder (Temporary Internet Files). View 'Target' path for shortcuts (*.lnk, *.url files).
Recently viewed images list with target paths and shortcut last access/modified date (last view date) Enlarge...  
  • Explorer context menu is supported (files or folders can be opened or deleted inside of AlFileSearch).
  • Order results by any column, and copy results to the clipboard, and then paste it into Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet.
  • Shows Search statistics as found Files and Folders, Search Time, controlled Objects.
  • Filter results by file dates, attributes and size. 
  • Save/load last 10 search paths.
  • Portable.
System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.

Help description
Full file name = Contents of column 'name' + 'Ext.' (extension).
Attrib. (Attributes): H = Hidden, S = System, A = Archive, R = Read only, D = Directory.
For Recent, Office recent, IE Cache folders results automatically orders by 'Modified date' column, otherwise by 'Nr' column.
Hidden or system files / folders are marked with red color symbol: '!'. 
Open file with the default program: double click on cell in column 2 (Name), or press 'Open' button, or use Shell context menu.
Open file with Notepad: select the necessary file in the results grid and click 'Open file with Notepad' button.
Select file in Explorer: double click on cell in column 4 (Folder) or press 'Select' button.
Specifies the wildcard for scanning the files, or file names with extensions of searching files. You can specify multiple wildcards delimited by semicolon, for example: *.doc;*.docx;. Note: empty string = search by wildcard * - search all files (with and without extension). *.* - search all files with extension. You can use the asterisk character ("*") substitutes for any zero or more characters, and the question mark ("?") substitutes for any one character or less but not more than the amount of question marks. ";" - mask separator (use without spaces). 
To search by the words in file name: Ex, file = MySearchedDocument.mp3, search for ex.: *searched*.mp3;

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Since 2014-07-01 AlFileSearch is released as freeware. You can make a donation.

Version info: Version: 1.1. Release Date: 11.01.2014. 

Download: (portable)